‘Action!’: Announcing the 2015 Yelp Reel Local Film Festival
Yelp’s been telling the story of how people connect with great local businesses since 2004, but now we’re turning to the next generation of storytellers to spread the word. This year we’re announcing a scholarship program for film students who want to show us and the world their favorite local business.
For the first time ever, Yelp is accepting applications from college film students to participate in a short-film challenge that will culminate in the Yelp Reel Local Film Festival. We’re challenging current students from five participating cities (New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Atlanta) to produce, write, direct, shoot, edit, and submit a 3~6 minute long non-fiction film about a business in their community. They only have two weeks to do it all!
Students will have to apply until November 25, and will receive the competition’s rules and terms on Monday, November 30. From there, they have TWO WEEKS to complete their films and submit them for the chance to win scholarship prizes. For each participating city, participants will first be judged locally for a scholarship prize of $ 5,000, plus two runner-up scholarship awards of $1,000 each. 17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.comThe winning film from each city will then be judged at the national level for a grand prize scholarship of $15,000!
Our chief mission with this festival is to attract young filmmakers to look within their communities and to local business leaders for inspiring stories. At Yelp, we know that local businesses are at the heart of thriving communities and local economies, and the Reel Local Film Festival aims to bring that to life in creative ways.
Are you a film student in one of our participating cities The application window is open until November 25, so sign up for yourself and your team here!
21. What is special about the 2015 Yelp Reel Local Film Festival
A. The films should be funny stories around them.
B. It’s the first time for college film students to join in.
C. The time given to finish the films is the shortest.
D. Any students in the city can submit their films.
22. The main goal of the 2015 Yelp Reel Local Film Festival is to ________.
A. interest young filmmakers to join in the activity
B. make more people good at telling stories
C. encourage the college students to work hard
D. let more audiences show interest in the films
23. Where can you find the text
A. In a textbook. B. In a newspaper. C. On a website. D. In a magazine.
(高三英语)阅读理解If you listen to the words of Until the17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.com Sun Comes Up, you might think the piece is just dance music. You’re wrong. But it is helping to change the lives of school children in a small African village in Tanzania.
Raghav Mathur, a Canadian-Indian 17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.comsinger says he wanted to help others when he learned that more than one billion people live without electric power. Now Raghav teams with SolarAid, a non-profit group working to end the use of kerosene lamps. Working together, they presented 320 solar-powered lights to school children in Tanzania.
Raghav says he did so because an old YouTube video impressed him most. In the old video, “What is this hanging around here” is the first reaction of people in some African villages. After realizing the fact, people start coming up to it, playing with it throughout the YouTube video. So he wanted to use a great way to describe the joy that the light creates in a pop record. So the idea was born.
He17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.com made a new video song with the help of the American rap artist Nelly and Indian movie star Abhishek Bachchan. In the video, they filmed the reaction of the students when they received the lights. Raghav says that the happiness on the children’s faces in the video is real. So Until the Sun Comes Up was born.
The lights will help the students study for more than 375,000 hours. That will save their parents nearly $ 60,000 on the cost of kerosene oil and candles.
Raghav says he hopes his video raises interest in the need for electric power in the developing world, especially south of the Sahara. He also says what he wants to do most is that he hopes his song and the video will motivate other musicians to become socially active and aware.
24. According to the text, Until the Sun Comes Up is ________.
A. a hope project B. a folk dance C. a movie program D. a video song
25. What is people’s first reaction in the old video after seeing the light shining in the room
A. Annoyed. B. Excited. C. Puzzled. D. Moved.
26. Raghav Mathur is using his music to light up African villages where ________.
A. there is no electricity B. education is backward
C. people have bad habits D. there is no school
27. What does Raghav Mathur expect to do most
A. Team with more groups to help the poor. B. Create more and more excellent works.
C. Make his songs liked by most students. D. Call on more musicians to do like him.
(高三英语)阅读理解Global retailers lose nearly $ 450 billion every year as a result of out-of-stock items, empty shelves, and other human errors. So Simbe Robotics today announced its first product—Tally. It is the world’s first robotic autonomous shelf auditing and analytics solution.
The solution consists of one or more mobile robots that c17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.coman monitor retail environments to capture, report, and analyze the state and help ensure the ideal placement of products on shelves in order to maximize sales.
Tally can help look for stock that is running low and stock that is nearing its sell-by-date and so needs to be discounted. It can also analyze gaps in the shelves while also looking for products that are in the wrong place or facing the wrong direction. Pricing errors can17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.com be found too.
“When it comes to the retail industry, shopper experience is everything. If a product is unavailable at the time the shopper wants to buy it, the retailer will miss an opportunity and disappoint his customer,” according to Brad Bogolea, CEO and Co-founder of Simbe Robotics. “Tally helps retailers address these challenges by providing more precise and timely analysis of the state of in-store goods and freeing up staff to focus on customer service.”
To date, the job of keeping shelves fully stocked and monitoring out-of-date items is a full-time role for supermarket employees. This approach, however, is both costly and inaccurate. Simbe Robotics insists it is not trying to replace these workers, but instead free them up to spend more time helping customers.
Tally stands 38 inches tall, and has an adjustable sensor for capturing shelf data. The overall height is variable, depending on the retailer’s shelf height requirements. Tally weighs approximately 30 lbs. and can be easily moved to anywhere within a retail store’s floor plan.
It is currently in trial with several Nor17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.comth American retailers. If current trials of Tally show it to be genuinely effective, this clever little creation could well find its way into the stores far and wide soon.
28. What is Paragraph 1 mainly talking about
A. The working principle of Tally. B. The necessity of inventing Tally.
C. The situation of global retailers. D. The influence of inventing Tally.
29. What CANNOT Tally find according to Paragraph 3
A. Misplaced items. B. Out-of-stock items.
C. Pricing errors. D. Low-quality goods.
30. What does the underlined word “address” in Paragraph 4 probably mean
A. Deal with. B. Come across. C. Meet with. D. Give up.
31. What can be inferred from the text about Tally
A, It needs to be improved further. B. It can be used to train employees.
C. It can replace the shop-assistants entirely. D. It may not be long before it’s widely used.
(高三英语)阅读理解“Fast fashion” means clothes that are inexpensive but look like the latest designs. One reason for the success of fast fashion is social media. A report by the investment research firm Bernstein found that Millennials—people born in the 1980s and 90s—wanted to wear a variety of clothes in the photos they posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a result, many businesses that offer trendy, low-cost clothes are growing.
But the situation is changing now. Maxine Bédat, a woman who is in her early 30s, looks in her closet full of clothes, but she has nothing to wear. She says she hates always shopping for what is in style. Instead, she says, she wants to buy fewer clothes that she can wear over and over. Other people want the same thing, she says.
So Ms. Bédat and a business partner, Soraya Darabi, s17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.comtarted a “slow fashion” clothing company called Zady. “Slow fashion” means clothes that last a long time. They are often classic colors and shapes, and are made from natural materials that are biodegradable over time.
The terms “fast fashion” and “slow fashion” are related to “fast food” and “slow food”: fast food is still popular in the U. S. , but many restaurants increasingly offer higher-quality, more expensive and relaxed meals.
Like slow food, slow fashion also aims to use sources that are good for the environment and workers. Maxine Bédat says people in her generation want to know where their clothes come from and who is making them. To answer Millennials’ demand for information about the products they buy, Ms. Bédat’s company, Zady, includes details about the history of the brands. It also describes the process in which the clothes are made. Ms. Bédat says Zady aims to tell shoppers where their clothes come from, where they go, and how they impact the world.
The international business “H&M” is answering Millennials’ demands in another way. It has created a recycling program for clothes. Shoppers who bring clothes they no longer want to H&M stores can receive a discount on new things they buy. An H&M spokesperson says, “We have a clear vision to avoid and minimize waste that goes into landfills.”
32. What’s the attitude of some Millennials towards fast fashion now
A. Crazy. B. Tired. C. Supportive. D. Doubtful.
33. “Slow food” is mentioned in the text to tell us ________.
A. it is better than fast food B. it is the healthiest food
C. why slow fashion comes now D. why people like fast fashion
34. What can be learned from the program of H&M in the last paragraph
A. It can help the environment. B. It does good to people’s health.[来源:17教育网]
C. It can help change people’s lives most. D. It will take the lead in the latest fashion.[来源:17教育网]
35. What is the best title of the text
A. What Is out of Fashion B. Fast Fashion Is Not Fast.
C. Slow Fashion Is in Fashion. D. Fast Fashion, Good or Bad
(高三英语)阅读理解How to Deal with Being Taken for Granted
From an early stage in your life, you are taught to respect others, and do kind things for them. However, in some cases, people begin to take advantage of your kind nature, expecting more from you. 36 If you feel as if there are people in your life who take you for granted, it’s time to protect yourself.
1. Know that you have the right to feel respected. Social and cultural pressures may encourage you to believe that it’s rude to say “no” to others when they ask you for things. You may also have been taught to feel that your work is less valuable than others’ and does not deserve acknowledgement. 37 Everyone has the right to be respected and appreciated, and it isn’t wrong to want to be treated that way.
2. Identify what has changed in the relationship. If you feel taken for granted, it may be because you once felt valued by the person who is now taking you for granted. It might also be because the knowledge that you should feel appreciated but do not. 38 It can also help you find a solution for the relationship.
3. 39 You know that you don’t want to feel taken for granted. But what do you want It will be hard to see any change in your situation if you feel vague dissatisfaction but have no clear ideas on what would improve it. 40 Once you know the change about the relationship clearly, you’ll be able to take better action to get you there.
A. Think about what you want.[来源:17教育网]
B. Practice what you want to say.
C. These things can lead to you feeling taken for granted.
D. Try making a list of things that you would like to see the change about the relationship.
E. If you feel taken for granted by others, you need to communicate that to the other person.
F. Such people may repeatedly ask you for favors without returning any favors or showing you any respect.
G. Whatever the cause is, identifying what has changed your interactions with the other person can help you feel better.
When I read a post about taking someone to the movies, I was 41 of something that happened a couple of years ago.
I used to drink coca cola and they had a 42 where there was a code inside the bottle cap. You went to a website and entered the 43 and maybe you won something. At first I 44__ some free cokes. 45 then, I won the Grand Prize! I was 46 and pleased.
The grand prize was free 47 for a year. What that turned out to be was that the company sent me 52 admission 48 for a local movie theatre chain—they figured one movie a week was what free movies for a 49 meant. All of the tickets had final dates later than a year from the day I received them. I wanted to 50 this gift with others, so I took some of my 51 in our workplace to movies as a start.
But the best thing I did with them was that I 52 22 tickets (all I had left by that time) to the local Women’s Transition House, a place where women and their children in a bad situation need 53 to make a new start.
My workplace team had decided to help people in need. We collected 54 for that particular Christmas. I knew 55 that the Women’s Transition House provided some childcare for the women so they could go for job interviews and things like that.
I put those tickets in (a)n 56 and wrote a note on the outside, 57 Women’s Transition House staff to give movie tickets to the needy 58 there over the holidays to have something fun to do with their children. Though it is a small 59 act to us, it made me really __60 to do this.

41. A. asked B. reminded C. informed D. inspired
42. A. promotion B. show C. prize D. test
43. A. sign B. key C. code D. product
44. A. gave B. bought C. served D. won
45. A. But B. Still C. Just D. Yet
46. A. annoyed B. surprised C. puzzled D. touched
47. A. food B. drink C. movies D. toys
48. A. invitations B. requests C. notices D. tickets
49. A. day B. week C. month D. year
50. A17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.com. share B. donate C. connect D. spare
51. A. neighbors B. guests C. workmates D. audiences
52. A. passed B. delivered C. sold out D. gave away
53. A. freedom B. help C. equality D. sympathy
54. A. contributions B. suggestions C. donations D. subscriptions
55. A. clearly B. differently C. vividly D. obviously
56. A. bag B. envelope C. case D. package
57. A. ordering B. guiding C. asking D. encouraging
58. A. staff B. fans C. relatives D. women
59. A. beautiful B. brave C. kind D. grateful
60. A. anxious B. happy C. great D. eager

(高三英语)语法填空After visiting us, my guests from East Africa— 61 81-year-old father and his 40-year-old daughter returned home from the suburbs, but their cab got in an accident 62__ caused the father to hit his forehead on the metal dashboard. He was injured badly. His daughter had no idea what to do. She just gave her father a cloth bag 63 (hold) against the bleeding and went hunting for another vehicle to take them to a hospital. 64 (sad), the people passing by were busy with their life and did not come to the aid of our guests.
Suddenly, an angel appeared. Cassandra, a worker, helped them not only find another vehicle to get them to the hospital, but also went with them even though she was on her way to her work. She 65 (accompany) the father and the daughter to the hospital. She made 66 her priority to ensure the fathe17教育网:www.17jiaoyu.comr’s well-being and called her workplace to ask 67 (permit) to be late.
68 (hear) this experience helped me realize that most people help you when it suits them but not when you really need it. My view is that we pass through life only once, and when we are presented with an opportunity to be kind, we should act 69 it is too late. And sometimes our kind 70 (action)may seem like those of an angel to someone else.
(高三英语)短文改错 Today I’m going to talk about something about e-hongbao, whose is becoming popular in China. E-hongbao is actual a kind of lucky money from and to relatives and friends during festivals or on special occasion. For many young people, grabbing e-hongbao on their mobile phones is a fairly common and exciting activity. Unlike the tradition of elders give lucky money to their children, over half of the people sending e-hongbao is in their 20s. It’s just for fun, while the sum of money mattered little. In word, e-hongbao is bringing new color to the old tradition. Nevertheless, I’m interested with the safety of online payment. It’s hoped that whether rules and regulations should be improved about the e-hongbao system to guarantee their operation.
Dear editor,
I’d like to recommend a good person to you, _______________________________________
Best wishes ![来源:17教育网]
Li Hua

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