【高三英语】阅读理解Helicopter Aerial(航天)Tour
Explore the Grand Cannon(大峡谷)from the eyes of the eagle. A wonderful 12- to 15-
minute helicopter tour will soar through the canyon for an aerial experience of wonderful
views. Our aerial tour is not available anywhere else in the world!Ticket:$120. 00 per
person,plus 10%tax. Please call us at 1一888-868-93'78 for seasonal rates, specials or to book
by phone.
Helicopter-Boat Tour
Helicopter tour starts at the Grand Canyon, West Side. Take a 4,000-foot fall to the
Colorado River below. Helicopters fall 4,000 feet from the canyon side to the banks of the
Colorado River where visitors can enjoy a 15- to 20-minute boat ride down the Colorado.
Ticket:$150. 00 per person, plus 10% tax.
Champagne Helicopter Tour
Experience the beauty of the Grand Cannon: Soar above the Hoover Dam and the dead
volcanoes. You go aboard a million-dollar helicopter with all forward facing seats allowing 180
degrees of views in air-conditioned comfort. You will see the Hoover Dam,the Colorado
River, the Grand Cannon and more!You land to have a champagne picnic lunch at the Grand
Las Vegas Adventure Tour
Helicopter tours to the Grand Canyon West include a wonderful I_as Vegas adventure
tour. Aerial sightseeing tours originating in Las Vegas,Nevada include breathtaking views of
Lake Mead,the Mohave Desert,and the west edge of the Grand Canyon. Aerial tours
including the round trip as well as combination tours attract many visitors.
Visitors arriving at the Hualapai elation's Grand Cannon West Airport may select one of
the activities above.
21. We can infer from Paragraph 1 that
A, tourists can stay in the sky for about half an hour
B, the helicopter aerial tour is common in the world
C. the helicopter tour offers a special view
D, people can book very cheap tickets by phone
22. How much should a couple pay for a helicopter-boat tour
A. 150 dollars. B. 165 dollars. C. 300 dollars. D.330 dollars.
23. Which of the following tours may be the most comfortable according to the text
A. Helicopter Aerial Tour. B. Las Vegas Adventure Tour.
C. Champagne Helicopter Tour. D. Helicopter-Boat Tour.

【高三英语】阅读理解Window Homer was the second of three sons of Henrietta Benson and Charles Savage
Homer. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836 and grew up in Cambridge. His father
was an importer of tools and other goods. His mother was a painter. Window got his interest
in drawing and painting from his mother. But his father also supported his son's interest.
Once,on a business trip to London, Charles Homer bought a set of drawing examples for his
son to copy. Young Window used these to develop his early skill.
Window's older brother Charles went to Harvard University in Cambridge. The family
expected Window would go,too. But,at the time,Harvard did not teach art. So Window's
father found him a job as an assistant in the trade of making and preparing pictures for printed
media. At 19, Window learned the process of lithography(平版印刷).This work was the
only formal training that Window ever received in art.
In 1859,Window Homer moved to New York City to work for Harper's Weekly. Homer
also started to paint seriously. He hoped to go to Europe to study painting. But,something
would intervene the direction of Window Homer's artistic work. Harper's magazine would
send him to draw pictures of the biggest event in American history since independence. It was
the Civil War between the Union and the rebel(反叛者)southern states.
Window Homer went to Washington,D. C.,in 1861. He drew pictures of the campaign
of Union Army General George McClellan the next year. His pictures of the war showed many
ways that conflicts affect people.
24. Who had the same interest as Window according to the text
A. His father. B. His mother. C. His teacher. D. His brother.
25. Window didn't go to Harvard University because
A. he didn't want to go there.
B. he wasn't admitted to Harvard University.
C. he couldn't learn art in Harvard University.
D. his family had no money to send him there.
26. The word "intervene" in the third paragraph is closest in meaning to“
A.change B. lose C. follow D. indicate
27. How does the text develop
A. Bv comparison. B. In time order.
C. Bv giving examples. D. Bv questioning the points.

【高三英语】阅读理解While there are some unpleasant people in the world,let's not forget that most people are
friendly!If you find someone who likes the same restaurants as you or who is also crazy about
"Harry Potter",then feel free to talk the night away!Just keep the conversation light and
about your common interests. If a topic is brought up that doesn't sit well with you,keep in
mind that you are always in control. Ignore your manners at this time!
Do stay open minded.Sometimes chatting with strangers can turn into a close bond—or
just another person you can turn to for a laugh. But when typing away in your computer, it's
easy to get carried away and to want to tell your new friend all about yourself. Keep the
personal details as secret, and instead talk about fun hobbies or the latest episode(一集)of
"The Uood Wife". If Stranger Sally is asking what you look like,time to put up the red flag.
It is never necessary for someone to know what you look like.
Always listen to your gut(直觉).If something inside you is telling you something isn't
right,it probably isn't. Pay attention to how your body responds to certain people online.
Remember, you never really know who you are talking to just by looking at a computer screen
name,so downloading anything is an absolute no.
Seep Talking to strangers online doesn't always have to be a nightmare(噩梦).By following
these do's and don'ts,chatting with someone you don't know can be a cool experience,and
can make sure that you stay safe in the world of the Internet.
28. What is the writer's attitude to most people today
A. Negative. B. Positive. C. Uncertain. D. Disappointed.
29. When you chat online,you should chat with the people who
A.ignore your manners
B.played a role in "Harry Potter"
C. like doing the same things as you
D, had dinner with you in the same restaurant
30. What should you do when chatting online?
A. Download something from net friends.
B. Tell your living place to the new friends.
C. Send a picture of yourself to the strangers.
D. Talk about a fun hobby with the new friends.
31. Which would be the best title for the text?
A. Advantages of surfing the Internet
B. Possible dangers of surfing the Internet
C. Advice on how to get online help
D. Guidance on chatting with strangers online

【高三英语】阅读理解As the population grows and temperatures rise,it will become more difficult to grow
enough food for everyone. So,scientists are exploring the planet for plants that do not need as
much water as today's crops. The Mojave Desert in the US state of California is home to some
of these plants.
Scientist Heather Rose Kates of the University of Florida is in that desert. She is searching
along roads for a plant called coyote melon which is a kind of squash(南瓜小果).Coyote mel-
on may not taste good,but it can be grown in places that have little rainfall. The desert where
it grows gets just 15 to 20 centimeters of rain per year,or less. Other kinds of squash need at
least two and a half centimeters per week to grow.
Scientists are considering combining wild coyote melon with regular squash to see if they
can make a tasty vegetable that doesn't need as much water to grow. That could be useful on
a planet growing warmer and more crowded every day.
Andy Jarvis works at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture. He says farmers
will need to produce 50 to 70 percent more food by 2050 to feed the world. So,he says,
researchers are studying the wild versions of farm-grown crops.
But he says there is a problem. He says many wild versions of farmed plants are disappearing.
He says they are threatened and scientists have not collected their seeds for future use. Scientist
Kates is part of an international effort to gather these plants and save their seeds while it is
still possible. Workers are collecting wild potatoes in Argentina and wild peppers in Para-
guav. The plants and seeds will be sent for storage to the Global Seed Vault in Norwav and at
Kew Gardens in Britain. Ms Kates spends most of her time in a laboratory. She says gathering
plants has helped her understand more about them.
32. Why do scientists study coyote melon?
A. It tastes good.
B. It is easy to cook.
C. It only needs little water to grow.
D. It is welcomed by many American people.
33. Scientists want to combine wild coyote melon with regular squash in order to
A. feed the people all around the world
B. keep the earth from becoming warmer
C. create a new fruit instead
D.produce a delicious vegetable with less water to grow
34. We can know Andy Jarvis
A. is searching for the coyote melon
B. is in charge of the research of agriculture
C. feels somewhat pessimistic about the scientists' research
D.thinks producing more food to feed the world is easy
35. Which of the following can be inferred from the text?
A. All the plants' seeds need to be stored.
B. Ms Kates never goes outside to do research.
C. Coyote melon can be planted everywhere.
D. Ms Kates benefits a lot from gathering plants

【高三英语】阅读理解After Steve Jobs died,his friend Larry Ellison said something like this,"There will never
be another Steve Jobs". 36 Larrv wrote this list of Steve's life lessons to remind us all.
1. Love what you do. Sure Steve became a billionaire when he brought Apple back. Apple
was his calling even after he got fired from the company. We all have bad jobs at one point in
our lives. But the question is:am I in the right jobs Have I found the right company Life
doesn't go on forever. 37
2. Don't do it all by yourself. Steve learned a great leader can't do it all by himself. He
needs people. They must be talented. 38 They must be given the opportunity to succeed
and fail. In short,we have to learn to be a great leader if we want to see our great ideas and
hard work truly have an influence on the world.
3. 39
Apple was always the best at creating a new product that meets the exact needs of users.
It's empathy(共鸣)that helps Apple achieve this. Whenever the user has the first touch with
a new Apple product,he says "Wow,it's just what I need". Remember, you're King in the
business world if you know exactly what consumers desire.
4. Don't mess around with your health. 40 That's the most important lesson from
Steve's life. It's great to learn from him but,the fact is he should still be here if he had
treated his cancer properly. Instead, Steve chose a naturopathic(自然疗法)solution that
wasn't effective. When he finally decided to take his doctor's original advice,it was too late.
A. They must be inspired.
B. Be the best in your field.
C. Take your health seriously.
D. Get on our right path now.
E. Will this lead to a successful career
F. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.
G. What are the key things that we could learn from him

【高三英语】完形填空As I listen to Holly Dunn's song,"Daddy's Hands",it reminds me of my Daddy's hands.
41 my daddy has been in heaven for a long time,I can remember the story of how my
parents 42 in 1943. Dad didn't know he would be holding 43 with the beautiful Helen
and that he would make her his wife. Dad 44 “the love in his hands" by writing love
letters,when he was overseas in 1944. But before he went overseas,Daddy and Mom were
holding hands in 45 on Jan. 11,1944. Their love continued until the day he left us to
46 after 29 years of marriage. My dad was a quiet man and he showed his 47 to
others by respecting them. In the love letters he sent to Mom,he said he was 48 to
America and fighting for 49 in World War II,but his "sweetheart" Helen 50 him to
get through the days during the 51 .When Dad returned from Europe in 1945,his "loving
hands" held violets(紫罗兰)that he gave to my mom on that Father's Day, June 16th, the
day I was 52 !Later Daddy's "loving hands" held mine when I went to kindergarten. I became
a kindergarten teacher and I 53 that holding "loving hands" 54 me how to love others.
Today,one of my greatest 55 is holding my three-year-old granddaughter's hands.I'll never forget my dad's hands. Dad 56 at USS Steel in Morgan Park and had to bandage(用绷带包扎)his hands because the 57 from the nail(钉子)machine would sometimes 58 his "loving hands". His hands worked for 28 years because it was his 59 ,and that was what he did to provide for his family and to make us 60 and secure. Family first!
That's what I learned and will always appreciate the love in Daddy's hands.
41. A. Because B. Until C. Although D. Since
42. A. struggled B.met C. returned D.survived
43. A. positions B. discussions C.tickets D. hands
44. A. continued B.mentioned C.avoided D. forgot
45. A. business B. marriage C. concert D. holiday
46. A. heaven B.hometown C. college D. sea
47. A. knowledge B.love C. background D. experience
48. A. useless B. unimportant C. familiar D. loyal
49. A. existence B. advantages C. freedom D. pay
50. A. invited B. allowed C. persuaded D. inspired
51. A. earthquake B.storm C. war D. fire
52. A. born B.gone C. wounded D. educated
53. A. proved B. believed C. denied D. imagined
54. A. ordered B.permitted C. taught D. advised
55. A. chances B.Joys C. deeds D. choices
56. A. worked B. lived C. fought D. traveled
57. A. steel B. water C. wood D. oil
58. A. tie B.lift C. hurt D. force
59. A. plan B.method C. habit D. job
60. A. smart B. careful C. successful D. safe

【高三英语】语法填空The bank worker told me my check had run out. It 61 (take) me some minutes to
understand her words. This year had brought me so much pain a divorce,losing my house
and the loss 62 my job. After 63 (leave) the bank, I wondered 64 I would do.
Although it was only 5:30 pm, it was already dark and cold outside. At one point,I stopped
and cried out to Uod. With a 65 (break) spirit,I said aloud,“Lord,I really need help
right now,today,not tomorrow and not the next day.” 66 (final),when my tears dried
uh,I headed home. Approaching my home,I noticed 67 envelope. The envelope 68
(fill) with hundreds of dollars of gift cards 69 could meet my urgent needs!I was in shock
and surprise. Uod heard those 70 (cry) from a cold,dark and lonely place and assured me
that he did hear and would provide.

【高三英语】短文改错Union is strength. Whenever we are faced with difficulties,cooperation play a significant
part in getting us out of trouble.
There was a time that I was so proud that I overlooked m} partners,refused to work
together with them. However, there was no doubt whether I was left alone,suffering from
loneliness and failure. Fortunateh,my head teacher taught me about the importance of coop-
eration. Later on, I learned to help with others and turned to my peers for help whenever I
had difficulty finish a task on m} own. Uradualh,I became more confident and was getting a-
long well with my partners. Surely cooperation made difference and helped our team make
many achievement.
Your experience has taught me that only if we attach great importance to cooperation can
we go beyond ourselves.

Dear Dick,
I'm e-mailing you about my English study.

Li Hua

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